17 Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery – Ranked

Trying to avoid replacing one or both knees but don’t know what to do about that ‘bone-on-bone’ knee pain? Or are you just fed up that your knee joints are functioning like a pre-oiled Tin Man? Whatever it is, most people try to avoid having body parts replaced, for so many reasons, unless it’s completely […]

How Long Does It Really Take to Lose Weight?

The struggle to lose weight is as much about being patient as it is calorie counting. You want results, and you want to see them now, not months from now. It can be frustrating to maintain your motivation, while being inundated by weight loss ads and before-and-after videos. And yet the key to losing weight […]

2021 Report on Arthritis and the Impact of the Pandemic

Arthritis impacts the lives of more than 54 million adults and 300,000 children in the US, being deemed the nation’s number one cause of disability. Chronic arthritis pain is difficult to ignore, as it can shadow the patients’ well-being with impaired physical function, disturbed sleep, constant fatigue and reduced activity levels. The pain and disability are compounded […]

An Introduction to Gait and Gait Abnormalities

Have you ever had knee, hip, back, or leg pain? Maybe the better question is—who hasn’t? Whether you are currently suffering from chronic pain or want to prevent pain in the future, gait could be key to achieving your goals. We’re here to break it all down so you understand what gait means, how gait […]

10 Ways to Treat Chronic Knee Pain

We’ve all experienced physical pain in some capacity or another. At the moment that we’re injured, and for some time after, the pain can be sharp and completely overpowering. Even a relatively small injury can make it difficult for many of us to focus on mundane daily tasks. And although many injuries heal naturally and […]

Geisinger launches innovative, non-invasive treatment option for patients with knee pain

DANVILLE, Pa. – Geisinger, in partnership with AposHealth, today announced that a new non-invasive, drug-free treatment for patients suffering knee pain from osteoarthritis will be available to Geisinger Health Plan’s commercial members in Pennsylvania starting on April 1. AposHealth treatment is available exclusively at Geisinger in Central and Northeast Pennsylvania. Developed by experts in orthopedics […]

How Your Gait Cycle Impacts Your Health

The big gait cycle question. Can changing the way you walk relieve chronic pain? Before you sit down to read this, get yourself a glass of water. Grab a snack. Water the plant that’s looking a bit droopy. Back already? Hopefully that was pretty easy—most people learn how to walk as toddlers and unless they’re […]

What Walking Speed Says About Your Health — and Longevity

We often think of medicine in the context of treating people who are already sick or injured—that’s when most of us go to the doctor. But treatment is only part of the picture. Effective medical care focuses as much on preventing illness as on treating it, and in recent years the medical community has increased […]

AposHealth® Appoints New CTO to Accelerate Technological Innovation in the Next Stage of Growth

Rachel Yesharim joins the company’s executive team to help build AposIQ® – a new business unit applying cutting edge technology and data science to inform gait-related treatments.  AposHealth®, a global leader in the identification and treatment of gait-related conditions, today announced that Rachel Yesharim has joined the executive team as Chief Technology Officer. Rachel brings to the team extensive experience building AI-powered software products as […]