The Honorable David Shulkin M.D., Ninth Secretary, US Department of Veteran Affairs, Joins AposHealth® Board

AposHealth®, a pioneering healthcare technology company specializing in innovative solutions for chronic musculoskeletal pain, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. David Shulkin as a Board Member. Dr. Shulkin brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the AposHealth team. With a career spanning decades in healthcare leadership and public service including former Secretary of the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, and roles as chief executive at esteemed institutions like Beth Israel in New York City and Morristown Medical Center in Northern NJ, Dr. Shulkin’s insight and vision will be instrumental in advancing AposHealth’s mission to give individuals seeking neuromuscular and musculoskeletal health the power of movement.

Having guided AposHealth as an advisor for over two years, Dr. Shulkin is uniquely positioned to endorse the company’s disruptive approach to knee osteoarthritis. In a statement, Dr. Shulkin remarked, “After working alongside the talented team at AposHealth, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative potential of their product. This solution aligns perfectly with my healthcare philosophy of delivering effective and patient-centered noninvasive at-home care. I am excited to deepen my involvement and contribute to the continued success of AposHealth.

“Dr. David Shulkin’s unique ability to drive positive change in healthcare is highlighted by his accomplishments in navigating the complexities in multiple settings including the VA and multiple not-for-profit hospital systems.” said AposHealth CEO Cliff Bleustein, MD, MBA. “Dr. Shulkin’s track record, combined with his belief in our product, underscores our confidence in his abilities to bring transformative growth to the company as a whole and make Apos® a household name.”

Dr. Shulkin’s appointment to the AposHealth board marks an exciting milestone for the company and the broader healthcare community. AposHealth looks forward to the collaborative efforts that will shape the future of chronic musculoskeletal pain and bring relief to individuals in need.

About AposHealth®

At AposHealth, we are passionate about revolutionizing the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions simply, by addressing peoples’ gait and pain – to help them move better and live better. Our flagship solution, Apos®, is FDA-cleared to temporarily reduce knee pain caused by osteoarthritis and has been used by over 120,000 patients. It can also be used as a general wellness device to help patients live well with chronic lower back and hip pain. With a 96% satisfaction rate,1 and over 69 peer-reviewed publications, this system—consisting of gait analysis, a personalized foot-worn device, and a customized treatment plan—has helped patients worldwide move, live, and thrive.


1) Based on data captured at 3rd follow-up appointment and based on the commercial activity with National Health Service patients in the UK treated between 2019-2020 (N=106)

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