AposHealth® Honored with Prestigious Innovations Award from PBGH, an organization dedicated to enhancing healthcare quality and affordability for employees

AposHealth®, a global leader in musculoskeletal (MSK) solutions, has been recognized with the award from the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health (PBGH) at the 2023 Fall Innovations Summit.1 PBGH, one of the nation’s foremost non-profit organizations dedicated to enhancing healthcare quality and affordability for employees, bestowed this honor upon AposHealth® for its groundbreaking approach to addressing chronic knee and back conditions.

The prevalence of MSK conditions in the US is staggering with around 50% of American adults reporting such issues,2 costing the healthcare system an estimated $420 billion.3 A significant portion of MSK costs to commercial insurance plans are attributed to knee and back pain, underscoring the urgent need for innovative solutions. AposHealth has risen to the challenge for its flagship solution and program called Apos®.

The Apos® program’s key differentiators lie in its unique delivery consisting of an integration of telemedicine and in-person delivery system, a footworn FDA-cleared medical device for knee osteoarthritis, and at-home convenient treatment plan that can be done in the comfort of one’s home while the patient goes about his/her normal routine. This convenient patient-centric approach has proven to be a sweet spot, providing a balance that optimizes effectiveness and patient engagement. The results speak for themselves. With over 69 peer-reviewed clinical publications4 including the most recent clinical study showing 89% of eligible total knee replacement patients were able to avoid surgery for up to 6 years with Apos®.5

Employers seeking to implement the Apos® solution will find the process seamless. The program offers flexible identification methods for patients, ranging from strategic data leveraging for larger employers to self-identification through broad communications for smaller companies. Evaluations and consultations can be conducted virtually or in person, making the implementation process highly accessible and tailored to the needs of the employer.

AposHealth® is honored to receive this prestigious award from PBGH, a testament to our commitment to improving MSK care and providing employers with a solution that not only addresses a significant healthcare burden but also offers efficacy, convenience, and patient satisfaction.


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