Reduce costs and improve outcomes for patients with knee and hip pain

Addressing the challenges and costs of knee osteoarthritis

National level challenge
  • 4.11 million people over the age of 45 have knee OA in England – 1.4 million have severe knee OA
  • In 2017, the total spend on knee replacement surgery was £900m. This cost is expected to continue to increase
  • Long waiting lists Average percentage of patients seen within 18 weeks nationally = 85.6% (target 92%)
Service level challenge
  • Pain associated with knee OA is challenging and resource intensive to manage, resulting in multiple patient contact points within the health system, extending patient pathways and adding to overall cost of treatment.
Patient level challenge
  • Severe knee OA results in an adverse impact on quality of life.
  • Failure of surgery: 21.1% of patients still report moderate/severe pain post TKR
  • A lengthy pathway.

Relieve overloaded surgery waiting lists

For an estimated population of 500k patients approximately XX patients would be waiting for a hip/knee procedure. By using AposHealth the number of patients needing surgery can be reduced by as much as xx% to ##, an avoided cost of ££.

Reduce spend

AposHealth significantly reduces direct and indirect costs associated with knee/hip surgery and persistent pain treatment, whilst effectively managing waiting lists for this population.


  • 93% of AposHealth patients did not progress to knee surgery within the first year of treatment
  • AposHealth patients experienced a 58% reduction in over-the-counter pain medication usage and a 16% reduction in opioid usage due to improvements in pain
  • Allowing CCGs to reinvest the avoided costs of MSK treatment into other areas
  • Helping CCGs manage patient waiting lists for surgery, providing capacity based on clinical need
  • Risk/Share: Mitigating the risk of investment by reimbursing the patient’s treatment if they progress to surgery

“AposHealth has had positive clinical outcomes for a significant number of our patients who were enlisted into the programme. It was used to improve the symptoms of patients with knee osteoarthritis as an alternative to knee replacement surgery.
Patients demonstrated a significant reduction in pain, improvement in daily functions such as getting dressed or going shopping and increased their walking speed by 16%.
Most importantly, 98% of patients who were in treatment for at least 12 months would recommend AposHealth to their friends and family.”

Mid Essex CCG

NHS CCG Case Study

Reduce costs and improve outcomes for patients with knee and hip pain.

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