New Research Validates the Smartphone-Based Clinical Gait Assessment Technology Being Used with Apos®

Big news for the future of mobility performance and AposHeath®, as research findings recently published in the journal Gait & Posture demonstrate that OneStep—an innovative, smartphone-based motion analysis and physical therapy platform—provides measurements with accuracy comparable to the gold standard of spatio-temporal gait measurement. 

This is the latest big breakthrough in AposHealth’s push to leverage 21st-century tools to develop and validate better mobility performance solutions. Our flagship solution, Apos®, leverages biomechanics to redistribute the body’s weight from painful areas and re-educates the brain and muscles for healthier movement using a cutting-edge combination of gait data science and proprietary, customized footwear.  

More than 110,000 patients and over 60 peer-reviewed publications documenting the positive impact of Apos® later, we have not stopped our push to make MSK treatment more accessible to patients without any sacrifice in quality. With Apos®, patients just wear their personalized footworn device for one hour a day while going about their regular routines.  

Rolling out technologies like OneStep is how the Apos Team is setting the pace in our corner of the industry as healthcare systems around the globe have reckoned with the dual challenges of improving outcomes and lowering costs. The insight has emerged across specialties that care improves when it is delivered when and where patients need it. Under the old model, healthcare only happened in clinics, hospitals, and doctors’ offices. Now it happens in living rooms, drug stores, and gyms where it’s most accessible and relevant to patients.  

Patients, who are increasingly managing much of their lives online—from buying a car to grocery shopping and banking—are gravitating to providers able to deliver high quality care to them. This interest is reflected in the success of companies like @Teladoc Health, @Amazon and not least @AposHealth.  

Breakthrough technologies such as OneStep are key proof points showing the promise of distributed care. Apos® presents osteoarthritis patients—who take almost twice as many sick days as other workers, suffer from depression 30% more often, and sometimes use medications chronically for pain management—hope for pain relief in the comfort of their own homes and on their own schedules. Apos® with OneStep enables providers to offer an evidence-based solution that needs less infrastructure, is easy for patients to use, and opens the possibility to telehealth.  

Our rapidly expanding provider network is already seeing results. In one hospital system, 86% of Apos® users avoided total knee replacement at 2 years. Another provider network saw a whopping 93% avoid total knee replacement at 2 years, which benefits payers. The direct cost burden from TKRs nationwide was ~$32 billion in 2020, and this number is projected to grow by 3x by 2040. Apos®, with OneStep, provides a scalable solution with the goal of optimizing MSK health for all. 

This is just the start for AposHealth. As a leader in MSK care, we plan to continue developing and validating new offerings to cover all aspects of musculoskeletal care.  

*For more information about the data referred to above, please reach out to the author, Ganit Segal.  

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