AposHealth® is designed to improve your walking patterns and relieve pain. Your AposHealth® Certified Physiotherapist (ACPT) assesses your condition and tailors your personalised treatment programme to give you optimal results. They custom-calibrate your footworn device to help you improve your walking patterns and relieve your pain. Over time, AposHealth® re-educates your muscles so you maintain the improved walking patterns even while not wearing the device.


Gait – the sixth vital sign

Gait – how the body moves – can predict a number of future health events19, including functional decline, hospitalization, falls and even mortality, and is emerging as the next vital sign19 to monitor health.

AposHealth® is unique, it is the only company that has patents on functional gait modification technology.

The AposIQ ® business unit combines innovative technology, data science and over a decade of experience to analyse gait (walking mechanics), and develop personalised gait modification programmes.

Now also available via telemedicine

Easy and Convenient

Thanks to technology, our AposHealth® physiotherapists can now assess your condition online and send your foot-worn device through the mail.

Covered by WPA, Cigna, Willis Towers Watson, and The Exeter

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is different

AposHealth® treats the cause of your pain – and its symptoms. AposHealth® realigns and corrects the movement patterns causing pain in your knee, lower back, hip and/or foot by:

  • Reducing load on the painful areas and significantly reducing pain
  • Retraining the muscles and ultimately correcting the abnormal walking patterns–even when not actively using the treatment

For many people who use it regularly, AposHealth® is like a reset button for the body.

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