AposHealth® Partners with TalarMade to Distribute Flagship Product Throughout the UK

AposHealth®, a global leader in the identification and treatment of gait-related conditions, has partnered with TalarMade, a European-based provider of orthotics, podiatry, rehab, and physical therapy products, to provide Apos®, AposHealth’s flagship product. 

TalarMade is one of the top 50 suppliers on the United Kingdom’s (UK) National Health Service (NHS) Supply Chain, operates seven NHS orthotic clinics, employs 16 clinicians and provides clinical training and support to clinicians across the UK. 

In the current pathway of care, an estimated 700,000 patients in the UK are waiting for orthopedic surgery – the most in over a decade.  

Apos® helps people awaiting surgery reduce their pain, and, in some cases, has been shown to help patients delay total knee replacement surgery. Apos® treats the underlying issues and can be done at home, effortlessly, by wearing a foot-worn medical device for about one hour per day while the patient goes about their daily routine. 

“TalarMade’s commitment to research and development aligns strongly with our own,” said AposHealth’s Chief Commercial Officer, Sachin Gohil. “We feel they are the perfect partner to deliver our product to millions of people who are suffering, or waiting for surgery while their conditions deteriorate. By working together, we can help patients improve their conditions allowing them to go on living full and happy lives.” 

“Healthcare in the UK is beginning to favor functional treatments that encourage more movement and less invasive procedures and medicines,” said TalarMade’s Commercial Director, Francis Barrett. “This trend is being embraced by both the NHS and UK patients themselves. We believe that with our access to the NHS Supply Chain, Apos will have a disruptive influence on the industry.” 

About AposHealth 

We at AposHealth are passionate about revolutionizing the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions by simply addressing peoples’ gait to help alleviate pain and help them move better and live better. Our flagship solution, Apos®, is FDA-cleared to temporarily reduce knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. It can also be used as a general wellness device to help patients live well with lower back and hip pain. With over 110,000 patients treated, and over 60 peer-reviewed publications supporting the science behind Apos® as well as its clinical effect, this system—consisting of gait analysis, personalized foot-worn device, and a customized treatment plan—has helped patients worldwide move, live, and thrive. 

About TalarMade 

TalarMade is a clinical development and service company. TalarMade is committed to research and development with a key focus on delivering evidence-based healthcare. Established over 30 years ago, TalarMade has since become an established and respected market leader throughout the orthotics profession.

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