Summary of Clinical Evidence Supporting Apos® Based on Over 50 Published Peer-Reviewed Articles

A review published by two department chairs, summarizes the clinical evidence of Apos® for the first time.

The article authors explain how biomechanical manipulation of gait can help patients with knee osteoarthritis. Next, the authors provide a structured description of the accumulated findings on the clinical effect of Apos®. More than 50 demonstrate the mechanism of action, as well as evidence on pain reduction, functional gains and gait improvement observed in controlled studies or based on retrospective analyses of real-world data.

The review concludes that using a home-based biomechanical intervention is a safe and effective solution for patients with knee osteoarthritis.



Bartels M, Suk M. Summary of outcomes of a non-invasive biomechanical therapy for patients with knee osteoarthritis. Journal of Orthopaedic Experience & Innovation. 2022.

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