Keeping It Short and Simple – A New, Condensed Questionnaire to Assess Patient Severity, Pain, and Function

Asking the most relevant questions to assess patient status is an important step in the translation of scientific methods to clinical practice.

In this study, we explored two commonly used questionnaires (SF-36 and WOMAC) – to identify which questions best predicted treatment outcomes in 4983 patients with musculoskeletal conditions. Four questions from the SF-36 and two questions from the WOMAC were found most influential in predicting patient status following 3 months of Apos® treatment.

Combining these highly predictive parts into one simple, short questionnaire has the potential to increase patient response rates and augment clinicians’ objective assessment of patient health status and treatment effect.



Madan V, Elbaz A, Mor A, Beer Y, Bartels MN, Yerra S. Using gold standard patient reported outcome measure in clinical practice – A new approach to facilitate their use. Clinical Practice 2021;18(1):1578-1583

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