Easily Accessible Smartphone App Provides Gait Measurements Similar to Pressure-Sensor Walkway

Smartphone app validated as tool for gait assessment in clinics.

Fifty-five patients with knee, lower back, and hip pain participated in a study that compared a new smartphone application for gait analysis against a pressure-sensor walkway as a gold standard. Both technologies were used simultaneously to measure patients’ gait velocity, step length and weight-bearing walking pattern. The results of the study demonstrated that the smartphone application provided measurements similar to the walkway.

These findings suggest that a smartphone application is a valid tool for gait assessment, that can be simple, inexpensive technology accessible to many patients and clinicians.



Shema-Shiratzky S, Beer Y, Mor A, Elbaz A. Smartphone-based inertial sensors technology – Validation of a new application to measure spatiotemporal gait metrics. Gait & Posture 2022 93:102-106.

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