Apos® Outperforms a Sham Device in Treating Knee OA

A study comparing patients with knee osteoarthritis who received Apos® with patients who received a sham device found that the AposHealth® group complied more with the treatment, experienced improvement in function, quality of life and gait patterns and experienced no serious side effects. Apos® was deemed by the authors to be effective and safe.

A randomized controlled trial study in subjects with knee OA compared between subjects assigned to Apos® and subjects assigned to a sham device. The primary outcome measure was pain level at 6 months and secondary measures included function, quality of life and gait patterns. The authors concluded that Apos® is both effective and safe in relieving knee pain in patients with knee OA.

Subjects in the Apos® group showed higher compliance (94%) with treatment than subjects in the sham control group (88%) – as well as fewer side effects. There were no serious side effects related to the Apos® treatment, leading the authors to conclude that the treatment is safe.

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