Apos® Offers Superior Benefits Following Total Knee Replacement Surgery

A study compared patients after total knee replacement (TKR) surgery who were then treated with Apos® with patients treated with a sham device. The study found Apos® to offer superior rehabilitative results: pain decrease, improved function and healthier gait patterns.

Following a total knee replacement (TKR) surgery, some patients continue to experience pain and decreased function. Even with surgery, some continue to have abnormal gait patterns like the ones they developed over years of pain and degenerative joint disease. Apos® can address these aspects and improve the functional condition post-operatively.

A randomized controlled trial of 50 subjects evaluated the effectiveness of Apos® treatment in subjects who’ve had a TKR, comparing them to a control group treated with a sham device. The study found Apos® to offer superior effects compared to the control group, with improvement in pain levels, function and biomechanical indicators (motion). The authors concluded that Apos® should be considered as an additional rehabilitation tool for patients after knee replacement surgery.

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