Apos® Shown to Delay Knee Replacement Surgery According to Real-World Study

A California-based study in a population-health setting further validates Apos® as an alternative for knee replacement surgery.

Two hundred and thirty-seven patients with knee osteoarthritis, otherwise eligible for total knee replacement (TKR), have started treatment with Apos®. After 2 years of follow-up, the study revealed that 86% of these patients delayed TKR for at least 2 years and 34 participants (14%) progressed to having knee replacement surgery. During the same period of time, in a control group of 294 patients who chose to receive surgery, 88% of the patients underwent a TKR.

Patients who chose to use Apos® to avoid surgery showed 36% reduction in pain, 34% reduction in disability and 13% increase in quality of life after 1 year of treatment.



Drew I, Hoffing M, Lim C, Leece D, Suess M, Merkin R. Avoidance of total knee replacement in a population health setting. Introducing a non-invasive biomechanical intervention for patients with knee osteoarthritis. Population Health Management. 2022.

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