Abstract Book Highlights Over 50 Peer-Reviewed Research Papers About Apos®

Available for download, this abstract book presents the extensive scientific evidence that was done independently and in collaboration with our research team.

The book is divided into three main topics:

  1. Clinical studies – robust evidence that demonstrates that Apos® is a non-invasive treatment that significantly alleviates pain and improves function and quality of life. This has been examined and confirmed in a variety of MSK conditions including knee OA, anterior knee pain, degenerative meniscal tear, spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee, hip OA, ankle instability, non-specific low back pain and as a rehabilitation treatment for patients following total knee replacement and total hip replacement.
  2. Biomechanical principles and mechanism of action to support the science behind the treatment (i.e. biomechanical and neuromuscular mode of actions).
  3. Additional scientific evidence – we continue to invest in research that will contribute to the knowledge of gait abnormalities and clinical characteristics of patients with MSK conditions.

The abstract book of more than 50 peer-reviewed research papers about Apos® can be found here.

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