I’m Paul Stillman and I’ve recently joined the team at AposHealth® as their UK medical director. My background is in General Practice and I meet a lot of people whose doctors tell them they haven’t heard of us, some adding they know little about the principles of biomechanics that underpin it.

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. This is a fairly new discovery, in the last 10-20 years, and when new therapies for chronic conditions like arthritis appear it takes a long time for research to confirm their effectiveness. General Practitioners have a vast amount to learn and until AposHealth® was discovered there was perhaps little incentive to study a process with no practical use.

Knee pain is common, recent research suggesting one in four of us will experience it at some time with osteoarthritis the commonest cause of pain over the age of 50. Many people consult their GP although it is always distressing to see people who have waited years.

For mild or infrequent symptoms painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication can be effective, and physiotherapy or osteopathy may certainly help. If the problems are more permanent injections into the joint often provide immediate if sometimes short term relief and of course ultimately surgery may be considered.

Orthopaedic surgeons are specialists of course, and are trained to correct conditions surgically, which means waiting for a problem to arise before operating on it. AposHealth® should be considered before or after surgery, but because it targets disorders that may have started early in life it can be of great benefit much earlier in the process.