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Slide1 By three months I really knew that I was no longer in pain and I could feel my knees getting stronger. And really, that’s been the story since. Christine Harpur, Northern Ireland Avoided knee replacement surgery quote Slide1 I now go to the gym every day. Do 45 minutes on a spin bike.
I don't have any pain at all.
Steve Edginton, UK Avoided knee replacement surgery quote
Slide1 I find it very comfortable, very easy to use...I no longer need to take painkillers. Moira London, Horse-Riding Instructor Torn meniscus, avoided having a third operation quote Slide1 The result is great because it gives me confidence to move around the [real tennis] court. Nicholas Hamilton, Real Tennis Player Used AposHealth® for post-surgical rehabilitation quote Slide1 I can now live a normal life. Anthony Kelly 20 years of knee pain, has had meniscectomies on both knees quote

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