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Walking Workshop was established in 2020 by Katy Veale, who spent the latter half of her 15-year career working at the AposHealth head office in London. Katy has treated hundreds of patients with the AposHealth biomechanical technology, treating a range of different patients including those playing professional sports, retired sportsmen & women, as well as patients with longstanding chronic pain.

Walking Workshop is the first clinic to offer AposHealth to the South-West of England.  The clinic operates from the locally recognised BWTPhysio Clinic, which is a highly esteemed Physiotherapy Clinic in Poole. There is a large carpark, waiting room, 7 treatment rooms, a downstairs studio and a large upstairs studio, where AposHealth is based. 

Katy has treated patients with a range of conditions who have benefitted from AposHealth. Prior to their assessment, some had multiple lower limb and lumbar spine surgery, whilst others had never been under the knife, but were recommended to have surgery, such as knee arthroscopy, total knee and hip replacements.

Katy played a fundamental role in developing the business in the UK by providing high levels of professional care to patients suffering with a variety of musculoskeletal lower back, knee, hip and ankle conditions.

“One of the highlights of working for AposHealth for over 7 years was the direct involvement I had in a two-year pilot study in Bedfordshire, which had significant results, demonstrating the effectiveness of AposHealth to patients suffering with knee and/or hip osteoarthritis.”

“One of my proudest achievements in AposHealth UK was supervising and training the AposHealth physiotherapists around the UK, guiding them in their gait analysis and biomechanical assessment, and developng their calibration skills with the AposHealth footworn device.”

Katy has a passion for improving each patient’s mobility, function and quality of life, and believes from her 15-year experience of treating lower limb musculoskeletal conditions, that with regards to treating mobility and pain, there is nothing as significant and life-changing as AposHealth.

Katy studied Physiotherapy (BSc) at Keele University, graduating in 2005, subsequently working in Leeds and London hospitals where she gained a further qualification to her degree -The Diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine.

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