Risks & Warnings

  • Never wear the device on dangerous surfaces such as wet or slippery surfaces (including but not limited to, polished floors, tiled floors, ice, and/or snow), gravel, near sharp objects, on rugs, on carpets (which are not fitted wall to wall) or any other environments, settings or surfaces that may be dangerous, as it may result in falling or injury.
  • While wearing the device, do not climb up or down stairs (or use escalators) or go outdoors unless instructed by your Apos® clinician.
  • You must stop using the device if your medical condition changes and
    report any changes in your medical condition, including those related to the treatment (e.g., any change of/in your stability), to your Apos® clinician.
  • Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while wearing/using the device.
  • Avoid carrying any objects while wearing/using the device.
  • Socks should be worn while wearing/using the device.
  • Do not use the device before a specially trained Apos® clinician properly adjusts it. The device should be used according to the instructions of the Apos® clinician.
  • Only use the Apos® device in your existing environment during your daily routine activities, not during enhanced or irregular activities or outside your natural environment, unless specifically instructed otherwise by an Apos® clinician.
  • Do not run or play sports that involve constant running and/or fast direction changes
    (e.g., basketball or tennis) while wearing/using the device.
  • When used by a minor, the device may not be used without the supervision of an adult who has been advised of the necessary instructions and safety precautions.
  • Use of this product may alter a user’s balance and gait, which could increase a user’s risk of falling.
    Users with a history of falls, dizziness, vertigo, muscle weakness, or gait/balance issues; users with disabilities (e.g., neurological disorders, osteoporosis, vision disorders) which may cause falling; and users to whom falling may be extremely dangerous, must take precaution to ensure their safety when wearing/using the device (e.g., supervision, walking by a wall/banister).
  • Do not use the Apos® device if you suspect it is faulty or damaged.
    Do not try to repair the device on your own. Discontinue use immediately and contact your Apos® provider site.
  • It is forbidden to give, sell, rent, or allow another person to use your Apos® device.
  • Prior to each use of the device, check/confirm that all parts are properly attached to the shoe’s sole.
  • Should any problem occur as a result of wearing/using the device, you are advised to discontinue use immediately and contact your Apos® provider site.