HealthCare Partners Expands Relationship with AposHealth® to Bring an Innovative, Non-Invasive Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis to Members Through a New Delivery Model

HealthCare Partners (HCP) today announced an expansion of its partnership with AposHealth® to bring an innovative, non-invasive treatment for knee osteoarthritis currently offered to its members directly into their homes through telehealth. This evolution of the partnership between the organizations comes at a crucial time in healthcare as the burdens of the pandemic have created multiple barriers for patients to access care, including elective surgery backlogs, travel restrictions, recommendations to cancel non-essential appointments, and the need for an overall abundance of caution.

 “We know many of our members suffer from chronic knee pain and we have seen the benefits and advantages of AposHealth®’s treatment. HealthCare Partners is at the forefront of providing new technologies and treatment options to our members, so we’re excited to offer what we know works and what members want in a virtual setting”, said Dr. Robert LoNigro President, at HealthCare Partners. “This will provide our members with access to cutting-edge care without leaving the safety of their homes.”

“As healthcare professionals, we understand the need to exercise caution during the pandemic and believe that healthcare organizations need to adapt to provide patients care when and where they need it”, added AposTherapy CEO, Cliff Bleustein, MD, MBA. “We are excited that our ongoing collaboration with HCP now empowers providers to treat patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis pain while eliminating the risk of traveling to, and being treated in, a traditional healthcare setting.”

The AposHealth® device was developed by experts in orthopedics and sports medicine and is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help temporarily reduce knee osteoarthritis pain and improve lower extremity function. The AposHealth® program is a year-long, at-home treatment that requires patients to wear a personalized device for approximately one hour per day during normal daily activities.  Supported by more than 60 clinical studies, including recent research published in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), patients using the AposHealth® system have experienced significant improvements in temporary pain relief, function and gait patterns.

About HealthCare Partners

HealthCare Partners is the largest physician-owned and led IPA in the Northeast, serving the five boroughs and Long Island since 1996. Our network includes more than 8,000 primary care and specialist physicians delivering services to over 160,000 members enrolled in commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid products. Our Management Services Organization employs over 250 skilled staff members dedicated to ensuring practices have the ability to deliver great care to their patients while effectively utilizing healthcare resources.

About AposHealth®

AposHealth® is a global leader in the identification and treatment of gait-related conditions. The AposHealth®’s foot-worn “Apos3” device is FDA-cleared for treating knee osteoarthritis, to help temporarily reduce knee pain and improve lower extremity function during activities of daily living. It is also a non-FDA cleared wellness device which can help patients live well with other gait-related conditions such as chronic low back and hip pain. With a mission to advance global health through the power of movement, the AposIQ business unit combines innovative technology, data science and over a decade of experience in gait modification to determine the optimal way to adjust patients’ gaits over time.

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