Non-specific low back pain – in a nutshell

Non-specific lower back pain (NSLBP) is the most common form of lower back pain. This is the type of back pain that most people will have at some point in their lives: a sudden, acute, debilitating spasm. It’s called “non-specific” because no single problem or disease can be identified as the source, and it usually stems from a combination of factors.

Understanding non-specific low back pain

In NSLBP, the lower back muscles surrounding the spine can be thrown into a defensive over-activity, often called “bracing.” This increases the compression, making the spine more vulnerable. The symptoms are all-too-familiar: sharp pain, stiffness, and difficulty moving.

The condition usually reduces in a matter of days, enabling a return to normal activity. However, people suffering from repeated or chronic NSLBP may experience a significant decrease in quality of life. Interestingly, studies have found that carefully returning to activity as soon as possible is far more helpful than the historical prescription of bed rest.

How AposHealth® can help

AposHealth® is designed to address, not only the symptoms of NSLBP (pain, pressure, bracing), but also the causes behind it. The treatment works by reducing and redistributing the load on the painful area while improving function and mobility.

Using a foot-worn device for about one hour a day, AposHealth® introduces “controlled micro-instability” – an innovative way to re-educate your muscles to self-correct your body’s alignment. Studies show that AposHealth® treatment results in effective pain relief and functional improvement in patients suffering from non-specific lower back pain.

Something uniquely special about AposHealth® is that it fits effortlessly into your everyday life. The device can be worn during your normal activities at home or at work. It’s non-invasive, medicine-free, and easy to comply with.

Is AposHealth® right for me?

Generally, AposHealth® is not suitable for individuals who:

  • Have unexplained recurrent falls
  • Experience balance problems (that require using a walking aid indoors)
  • Suffer from especially severe osteoporosis

Otherwise, if you have non-specific lower back pain and you want to enjoy walking again, then you are likely to be a good candidate for AposHealth®.

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