Knee osteoarthritis – in a nutshell

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis and knee osteoarthritis, affecting approximately 50 % of people over 65, is the most common type of OA.

The symptoms include pain and stiffness in the joints. When severe, these symptoms can be debilitating, making simple actions like climbing stairs or tying shoelaces extremely difficult and frustrating.

Your body constantly repairs the daily wear and tear on your joints, but if it becomes unable to maintain the speed necessary for this repair process, it results in joint degeneration. That’s OA.


Understanding knee osteoarthritis

The symptoms of knee osteoarthritis are often worst when waking up in the morning, after over-activity, or when sitting or standing for long periods. They can get even worse due to degenerative tears in the meniscus, which commonly occur alongside knee OA.

One reason that knee OA is so common is that it has so many causes. Among the elements that may predispose someone to develop knee OA are obesity, genetics, gender (women are more susceptible to osteoarthritis), old age, work-related overuse of the joint, sports, previous trauma to the joint, and more.


How AposHealth® can help

AposHealth® is designed to address, not only the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis, but also the causes behind them. The treatment works by reducing and redistributing the load on the affected area of the knee while improving function and mobility.

Using a foot-worn device for about one hour a day, AposHealth® introduces “controlled micro-instability” – an innovative way of reeducating your muscles and correcting your body’s alignment. Research has shown that this results in effective pain relief and functional improvement for patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis.

Something uniquely special about AposHealth® is that it fits effortlessly into your everyday life. The device can be worn during your normal activities at home or at work. It’s non-invasive, drug-free, and super easy to comply with.

Is AposHealth® right for me?

Generally, AposHealth® is not suitable for individuals who:

  • Have unexplained recurring falls
  • Experience balance problems (that require using a walking aid indoors)
  • Suffer from especially severe osteoporosis

Otherwise, if you have knee OA and you want to enjoy walking again, then you are likely to be a good candidate for AposHealth®.

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