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Addressing hip pain & hip osteoarthritis

One of the primary culprits of hip pain is hip osteoarthritis (OA).
With hip OA, the body’s repair mechanisms are unable to keep up with daily wear and tear on the hip joints. Obesity, genetics, gender (women are more likely to develop OA), occupational overuse and sports can all be indications of increased chances of hip joint degeneration.

The symptoms of hip OA include slowed walking speed, shortened step length and pain. As patients adjust their walking styles to compensate for pain, further deterioration can be caused to the knees, lower back and other areas of the body. Fixing patients’ walking patterns and improving muscular control can bring pain relief and improved function.

How AposHealth® helps

AposHealth® treats the symptoms of painful hip conditions (i.e. pain, restricted motion, swelling and stiffness), as well as their underlying causes (misalignment and damaging walking patterns). 

Using an innovative foot-worn device, the treatment redistributes the forces acting on the painful hip, correcting the joint’s alignment and the operation of the muscles to encourage pain relief and improved function.

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Hip osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis, and a leading cause of pain and disability worldwide.

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