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When we walk, the foot and ankle bear the full weight of our bodies. Not surprisingly, they are prone to injury. When not rehabilitated sufficiently, injuries such as ankle sprains can result in long-term pain and reduced function. Moreover, they tend to recur.

Recurring ankle sprains are often directly or indirectly related to poor movement sensing (proprioception) and disruption of the muscles in the leg, which are meant to control the lateral ankle. In other words, optimal rehabilitation of foot and ankle injuries requires realigning the joints, taking the pressure off the stressed area and relieving the pain.

How AposHealth® helps

AposHealth® treats the symptoms of painful ankle conditions (i.e. pain, restricted motion, swelling and stiffness), as well as their underlying causes (misalignment and damaging walking patterns).

Using an innovative foot-worn device, the treatment redistributes the forces acting on the ankle, correcting alignment and muscle operation to encourage pain relief and improved function.

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Recurrent Ankle Sprains

Ankles are especially prone to injury. They’re relatively delicate, yet bear a significant amount of our body weight.

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