Double Trouble: How to Break the Knee Pain/Weight Gain Cycle

All too many people who suffer from knee pain find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of being unable to exercise due to knee pain, which can lead to weight gain that inevitably leads to even more knee pain. Knee pain can begin slowly, as a small amount of discomfort and bearable pain while exercising […]

Knee Strengthening Exercises for Osteoarthritis

When everyday activities make your arthritic knee feel stiff and sore, exercising your knee may seem like the last thing you’d want to do. However, regular exercise can be helpful for managing osteoarthritic knee pain. Studies show that exercise can be a good way to manage pain and improve function. How does exercise help with […]

Addressing Knee Pain Head On – 4 Ways to Actively Reprogram Your Body

people doing yoga for knee pain

There is nothing wrong with you for experiencing knee and/or lower back pain, but there might be something wrong with the way your body and muscles are responding to the pain.  In other words, your body may have developed habits along the way that, over time, have affected your naturally healthy posture and movement.  As […]

[Watch] Effortless Success – How AposHealth® Works Without You Changing Your Routine

People have been wondering how AposHealth® improves walking patterns (gait) while patients go about their regular routines. This is how the AposHealth footworn device re-educates your brain and body towards better movement patterns42 while you go about your regular routine. How does that work? AposHealth works ‘in the background.’ Here’s how… If you prefer reading, […]

Can Losing Weight Prevent Knee Pain?

While obesity can put you at a higher risk of knee joint deterioration, can losing weight help decrease the rate of deterioration? And how much weight must one lose?