This video below demonstrates the positive effects of AposHealth® on patients during their initial consultation (and thereafter), improving posture, walking and knee pain.

Before and after AposHealth®

Fortunately, for more than 98,000 patients worldwide, AposHealth® is a treatment for knee osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions that doesn’t disrupt daily living.

In the following Before and After video you can see AposHealth® patients’ walking patterns transform.

These AposHealth® patients with knee osteoarthritis made immediate improvements in their walking patterns. These improvements do need more time to become a learned pattern as you can see with the barefoot comparison 5 months later.

But how does it work?

How AposHealth® works

The AposHealth® footworn device is specially designed to offload pressure from the painful areas of the knee and redistribute the pressure. Wearing the footwear for an hour each day stimulates and re-educates your muscles, which, over time, gain more control of the new walking pattern – making it possible for you to walk better during the other 23 hours/day when not wearing the footwear.

The AposHealth® Patient Journey

If you or someone you know suffers from knee pain, the first visit to an AposHealth® trained physiotherapist will probably feel like an exciting one. The AposHealth® trained physiotherapist will take measurements of your gait (walking patterns) using specialized gait measurement equipment. In addition, they will visually analyze your gait in coordination with the computer monitoring program to gain a deeper understanding of your condition.

During that same appointment, if deemed suitable, you will be fitted with the footworn biomechanical device, personalised to you.

During the following months, as your walking improves, the clinician will recalibrate your footworn device in order to maximise your results to further relieve pain and improve your daily function.

AposHealth® is a clinically proven treatment

Extensive clinical evidence and dozens of studies have found that AposHealth® treatment significantly decreases pain and improves function. The treatment has a 96% satisfaction rate.