In part one of my blog I gave an insight into the clinical role of the ACPT. In my opinion, this only tells half the story; the second half is a little harder to put into words.

Some patients are a little sceptical, a little nervous or unsure when they first come for their assessment. Some are excited, eager to learn and very enthusiastic. Some patients see fantastic results within a few weeks, others it takes that little bit longer. The ACPTs guide their patients through these new experiences, providing reassurance when needed and explaining symptoms to help the patient manage their condition better.

There is however one factor that underpins everything the ACPT is trained to do and that is the treatment modality itself. Every new ACPT that joins the company after the basic training can see how the treatment works, how it can be used alongside traditional options, how it can address some limitations of current practice and how it has the potential to help such a large and growing population of the general public. During the training process the new recruit will start seeing all types of patient, in different stages of treatment. Once they start to get ‘hands on’, they soon see how little changes to the system can have such a big change to the patients symptoms. Every ACPT I spoke to is a true ‘convert’, they have made a transition from a traditional physiotherapist, they use many of their skills as a physio they just now have an extra modality whereby the results speak for themselves.

For the more experienced ACPT the change in the company over the past year has been remarkable. The efforts in the early days are really coming to light now, we are opening new clinics as the demand for ‘help’ increases, we have a growing number of extremely satisfied patients who are willing to share their story, not just with us for the website or comment book but with their friends. Good news travels fast and it is re-assuring for the ACPTs as we get more and more new patients attending the clinic who have been recommended by a friend, we look forward to coming to work!

So, what does it mean to be an ACPT?

I still don’t think I can answer the question fully, but I hope you get a sense of the passion, dedication and pride that we all have using such an effective treatment and being involved in such an exciting. We have the opportunity and desire to help AposHealth® fulfil its true potential. We work hard and are dedicated to our patients and the driving force behind it all is the satisfaction and feedback that we receive every day from them.