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Maureen is the first Filipino certified AposHealth® Physiotherapist (ACPT) in the United Kingdom.

Maureen completed her bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy (BSc) in 2002 at Universidad de Manila (UDM), formerly known as City College of Manila, Philippines — It pioneered in free tertiary education for the underprivileged but deserving youth who did not have the financial capabilities to obtain a college education.

In 2006, Maureen migrated and started her career in the UK as a support worker in a Jewish Residential Care Home in London. Where she also completed her National Vocational Course (NVQ) Level 2 & 3 in Health and Social Care – Supporting Adult People with Mental Disabilities.
After finishing her 5-year contract, she subsequently worked at University College London Hospital (UCLH) and Northampton General Hospital (NGH) as a Therapy Technical Instructor in a variety of acute clinical settings; to continue to enhance her skills and knowledge in physiotherapy, whilst pursuing her professional qualification and registration in the UK.

In 2018, after years of hard work and dedication, Maureen finally acquired her registration with the Health and Professional Council (HCPC) and is now a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) in the United Kingdom. She has also completed a medical acupuncture / dry needling course in London School of Osteopathy in 2019.

Maureen is currently working at Parks Therapy Centre. She is single-handedly running the service, providing AposHealth® biomechanical technology treatment for NHS funded patients in Bedford, under Circle Health. She also works in a private hospital, BMI The Manor Hospital in Bedford, as a regular bank physiotherapist for Orthopaedic pre-surgical assessment, education, and rehabilitation for the post-surgical period.

Maureen’s love and passion in helping people and her faith in AposHealth® treatment has inspired her to take a step further by becoming a provider of her own; establishing her own mobile physiotherapy company called, ‘MoEbility Physio’.

MoEbility Physio is the first Filipino-owned AposHealth® certified provider in the UK, as well as first to offer home-based treatment to the East Midlands of England and nearby regions. She is currently working on expanding her services; making it possible for the clients that are not able to get to the clinic to receive and enjoy professional treatment in the comfort of their home — There is considerable evidence gathered, showing that personalised care received from in-home therapy, boosts the progress of healing and the effectivity of treatment.

Maureen has seen hundreds of patients and has successfully treated those with longstanding lower limb pain – who were also candidates for joint replacement.
Her love and passion for her work and her caring attitude has made her highly recognised by her patients, that is also reflected in her numerous positive online reviews. She demonstrates success in delivering exceptional respect, patient’s centred care, and implementing effective treatment for patients during their therapy sessions – particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic that has physically, mentally, economically, and socially damaged the lives of many people and put the biggest challenge on the health and care system.

“Maureen Wicks was a good as ever. Her cheerful disposition, especially during these awful times was as good as it ever was during the good times and top marks too for her professionalism and willingness to help her clients. You are a true credit not only to AposHealth® but also to your profession.” – MB

Maureen’s goal is to be able to share her knowledge, skills, and expertise in AposHealth® treatment in her country, predominantly to those who are underprivileged.

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