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The uniqueness
of AposHealth®

AposHealth® doesn’t just treat the symptoms of musculoskeletal conditions (pain, pressure, bracing etc.), it addresses the causes of the symptoms – all without medicines or invasive procedures or requiring the patient to change their daily routine.

Clinically proven3, 5-15 to provide significant pain relief and improvement in function for a broad range of knee, hip, ankle and lower back conditions, it is easy to appreciate the unique benefits and value of AposHealth® as compared with other options.

How AposHealth® is Unique

How does AposHealth compare with surgery, painkillers, injections, and physical therapy?
Here’s how!


A number of clinical studies have shown that patients were not satisfied with medicines and injections long term. And while medicines and injections can be helpful for relieving pain and decreasing inflammation temporarily, AposHealth® takes a different approach. AposHealth® realigns the way the body moves and optimises muscular control to improve the patient’s daily function and relieve pain, long-term.

And AposHealth® is safe. Clinical experience indicates that any side effects of AposHealth® are minimal and rare and pass very quickly. Imagine a way to treat your pain and improve your daily functioning without medicines or injections. That’s AposHealth®.

While surgery has proven to be effective—and has produced slightly better results in pain reduction and improvement of function than AposHealth® in clinical studies16—some patients cannot, or do not want to, go under the knife and are seeking alternatives to surgery.

Additionally, surgeries are not always effective – US studies have found that 7% to 23% of hip replacements, and 10% to 34% of knee replacements do not offer long-term pain relief. Which leaves some post-surgery patients wondering what to do next.

Imagine a way to treat your pain and improve your daily functioning without surgery. That’s AposHealth®.

Biomechanical treatments such as orthotics, braces, and walking aids attempt to stop or even reverse the cycle of pain by focusing on reducing loads. Physical exercises and neuromuscular training, such as training with unstable surfaces, are also used. However, these treatments generally only address one aspect of the problem.

AposHealth® provides both biomechanical training and neuromuscular training simultaneously and is personalised and monitored by a certified physiotherapist. Abundant clinical studies show that AposHealth® relieves pain and improves function3, 5-15.

Imagine a dual-action—biomechanical and neuromuscular—treatment for pain that’s clinically proven to work. That’s AposHealth®.

Physiotherapy packed
in a footworn medical device

Imagine an easy-to-use treatment that provides benefits of physiotherapy without disrupting the patient’s daily routine. That’s AposHealth®.

AposHealth® is a therapy programme—which is managed and monitored by an AposHealth® Certified Physiotherapist—that gives patients the benefits of other treatment options without interrupting their daily schedules.

This easy-to-use, daily treatment only requires a trip to the physiotherapist once to get fitted and 4-6 more times within the year to re-optimise the device as the patient’s posture and muscle control improve. Over time, patients notice a “carryover effect” – experiencing less pain and better function even when not wearing the device.

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